Embracing Change: The re-balanced FLUX

A Long-Awaited Transformation

The balanced FLUX philosophy has (and will always be) been a beacon for those diving into the intricacies of mental health, personal productivity, and the art of truly living a balanced life. Over time, as this philosophy matured and evolved, so did the need for a space that could truly represent its depth and dynamism. And that’s where the idea of this redesign emerged.

And today, in conjunction with this momentous occasion – the 3rd Anniversary of balanced FLUX – and as this renewed digital space is unveiled, I’m excited to announce that the wait has truly been worth it.

The Journey to Revamping

As I dived deep into the overhaul, I was fueled by countless sleepless nights, sheer determination, and more cups of coffee than I dared to admit. Although sometimes frustrating and sometimes exhausting, it was a labour of love, and every pixel and every line of code was imbued with the essence of what balanced FLUX stands for. Every part of this redesign journey – which took a good 1.5 years in the making – reminded me of the necessity of the balance we so often discuss, especially in times of intense transformation and change.

From One to Many: A New Structure

When you first visited the previous website, you were greeted with a single landing page. While simplicity has its charm, I felt the depth and breadth of the balanced FLUX philosophy deserved more. You’ll now find that the site spans multiple pages, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of all that it has to offer. Therefore, amongst others:

  • The website now has multiple pages to provide a more comprehensive exploration of the balanced FLUX philosophy.
  • Each page focuses on a specific aspect or theme related to the balanced FLUX philosophy.
  • The landing page still exists (albeit for formality and in a different format altogether) and serves as a facade to the website.
  • The additional pages allow for more in-depth information and resources to be provided.
  • The multiple pages enhance the user experience by allowing them to delve deeper into the content that interests them.
  • The expanded website provides a platform for showcasing a wide range of topics and resources related to the balanced FLUX philosophy.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The New Aesthetic

The previous single-landing-page style site had a dark theme only. I want to assure you that its (the dark theme) return is on the horizon. But for now, I invite you to enjoy a brighter, cleaner interface. The word “clean” might seem cliché, but when you navigate through the new layout, you’ll appreciate the ample space and the thoughtful arrangement of content across various sections and pages.

Ongoing Content Updates

As you meander through the site, a heads up – a massive overhaul is also in progress for both the podcast episodes and the blog posts. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about enhancing the quality, relevance, and depth of the content that you’ve come to love. To stay updated on these transitions and more, do frequently make your way to the Notice Section.

Anticipate Exciting Additions

I’m thrilled to share that the balanced FLUX Newsletter is in the works! With a bit of luck, and more hard work, you can look forward to its debut in the coming months of 2024. And that’s not all; you’ll also find a Support system. It’s a space where you can discover ways to contribute and become an active part of the future of balanced FLUX.

Your Journey with balanced FLUX

This redesign isn’t just about a refreshed website. It’s a renewed commitment to you. As you explore, learn, and grow with the revamped balanced FLUX, I hope you find deeper resonance, greater clarity, and renewed inspiration. Here’s to embracing change, and to our shared journey ahead.

Tany McLeod

Tany McLeod

Tany (he/him) created "balanced FLUX" after his personal journey to explore the balance between life's constancy and changes. Through his blog, podcast, and social media, he discusses mental health and personal productivity, offering insights on attaining and managing a balanced life. Join Tany on this enlightening journey to learn how to tackle life's complexities and challenges.