Providing Feedback: A Comment on Commenting

Dear Readers and Listeners,

First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank you for engaging with my content, and I hope it’s providing value and inspiration to you to live a balanced, fulfilling life. Additionally, I appreciate you for wanting to share your valuable insights. However, you may have noticed that a direct commenting feature or space is readily available on this site.

Here’s why: To prioritize the quality of discussions and significantly reduce spam, I believe it’s crucial to separate the comments section from my main website. This way, I can place a greater emphasis on effective comment moderation and ensure that every voice is heard without being drowned out by noise.

Understanding the importance of your feedback, I’m exploring the creation of a separate service (a forum, perhaps) dedicated exclusively to submitting comments. Once established, this service will require a simple registration process to comment, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of each contribution, as well as minimising (if not eradicating) and curbing spam plus other forms of abuse.

In the meantime, your thoughts and feedback are still invaluable to me! To submit comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas, please make use of my Contact page. I’ve also made it straightforward for you to reach out and share your insights directly with me through social channels.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and truly appreciate your patience and understanding as I strive to maintain the integrity of my platform. Your participation and feedback are integral to the balanced FLUX community, and I’m committed to creating a safe, civilised and optimal space for open discussion.

Best wishes,
Tany McLeod
Founder • balanced FLUX